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NAISMS November and December Stipends Disbursement Date

This publication would delight NASIMS batch C beneficiaries. The disbursement of stipends to beneficiaries of NASIMS was put on hold few days after it’s commencement. NASIMS has kicked off the October stipends payment to Beneficiaries that deserve the payment.

NASIMS November and December Stipends Disbursement Date Update 2022

Days after the commencement, the disbursement was paused to cater for substantial disbursement of Stipends. Beneficiaries yet to receive stipend are waiting to receive their share of Stipends from the Government.

However, in a bid to unravel the cause of Stipends disbursement pause and delay. An exclusive reports from an insider (Who want his name unpublished) reliably informed that October stipends disbursement is ongoing.

According to him, some beneficiaries have started receiving stipends after the payment was temporarily paused. And all beneficiaries will receive stipends before the end of the new week.

In addition, there will be continued disbursement of Stipends to beneficiaries. The stipends cover outstanding months of November and December.

The disbursement will continue until the end of the month. The double payment will not be paid as a single, but will be paid twice within a week.

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